This document establishes the General Conditions of Contract applicable to the provision of the Boat Rental service (hereinafter, General Conditions of Service) by Enjoy Boat SL (hereinafter Enjoy Boat), with NIF B93600989 and registered office in C / Herreros 1-00 Velez -Málaga (Málaga), to natural and/or legal persons (hereinafter, the contracting party or lessee) who express their willingness to contract the services regulated in these conditions through the request made by electronic means, specifically via the internet, on the website, owned by Enjoy Boat.


Acceptance of the contracting person:

These General Conditions of Service are permanently displayed on the website (hereinafter, "Website"), and all users can file them, print them and, therefore, be previously informed of the conditions of service, characteristics , rights and, in general, of all the conditions in which the provision of the service will be carried out. Likewise, these General Conditions of Service are reiterated by means of a link provision indicating "I accept the General Conditions" - each time a specific request (purchase) of service is made through the Website.

The Contracting Party, when booking the service, tacitly accepts these conditions and gives its express and unreserved consent for Enjoy Boat to carry out the collection operations necessary for the acquisition of the services it contracts. Therefore, the Contracting Party gives its consent, expressly authorizing Enjoy Boat to charge the payment methods that it introduces and, therefore, the operations are considered authorized for the purposes of the regulations on payment services.

These General Conditions of Service together with the specific request made through the Website by the Contracting Party -Special Conditions- imply the formalization of the Service Contract (hereinafter, the Contract) between Enjoy Boat and the contracting party that declares to be older than age, have sufficient capacity to contract and have read, understood and accepted these Conditions. Enjoy Boat, at the time of contracting and within a period not exceeding twenty-four hours, sends to the email address, which the Contracting Party has specified in the user registration form as the main means of contact, with a description of the contracted service. . The sending of the purchase order implies the confirmation that the effective contracting has taken place.

Cualquier modificación posterior de las presentes Condiciones Generales del Servicio o de las Condiciones Generales de Contratación será notificada al Contratante vía correo electrónico. Toda la documentación señalada anteriormente puede ser impresa y archivada por la parte contratante, quien puede solicitarla en cualquier momento al Servicio de Atención al Cliente mediante la remisión del correspondiente correo electrónico a [email protected] or by phone at +34 642 00 96 16.

Any request for information, or claim that is deemed pertinent, may be submitted to the Customer Service Department at the address identified in the previous paragraph. After receiving a request or claim by any of the means indicated in the previous paragraph, Enjoy Boat will analyze the case raised by the user and provide a response as soon as possible, which in any case will not exceed fifteen (15) days counted. from the day after Enjoy Boat receives the request or claim.

Contracting Enjoy Boat services necessarily implies acceptance of its Privacy Policy and the General Conditions of access and use of the website, consenting to the processing of data in the terms described in both legal texts.


El objeto del presente contrato de arrendamiento es la embarcación reservada mediante el formulario de reserva, una vez que se realiza el abono pertinente, y atendiendo a las condiciones particulares de dicha embarcación como pueden ser: número máximo de tripulantes, día y hora de la reserva, extras contratados, etc.


The lessee will have to return the boat at the port where it is delivered, on the day and time set for the end of the lease.


Payment will be made in two parts. A reservation payment that will be indicated in the reservation request and paid online by credit card, and the rest in a single payment at the beginning of the boat rental.

En el momento en que la embarcación sea puesta a disposición del arrendatario, este entregará al arrendador la cantidad de 500 euros, en concepto de Fianza, para responder de las responsabilidades en que pudiera incurrir en relación con el arrendamiento.

This deposit will be paid in cash, by check or transfer prior to boarding and will be returned to the lessee as soon as possible, after verifying the absence of responsibilities that could be affected. The deposit is not returned on disembarkation, but as soon as possible, as soon as the boat can be checked.

Any breach by the lessee regarding the payment of the price or the deposit of the deposit in the agreed terms and deadlines will automatically determine the ineffectiveness of the contract, notwithstanding which the amounts that the lessee may have delivered at the time of Failure to comply will remain the property of the lessor as damages.


Prior to the start of boarding, the lessee must send the lessor the following documentation:

The lack of any of the documents indicated within the stipulated period will determine the ineffectiveness of the contract, without prejudice to which the amounts delivered up to that moment by the lessee will remain the property of the lessor.


The lessor undertakes to make the leased vessel available to the lessee on the day, time and place and during the period stipulated in the reservation, ready to sail, with full fuel and provided with the equipment, gear and supplies detailed in inventory annexed to the physical contract, all of them in good working order.

If for reasons beyond the control of the lessor, the latter cannot make the rented vessel or other similar available to the lessee on the agreed date, he will bear the termination of the contract with a return of the entire price received, plus compensation of 10 percent. of said amount as damages. This indemnity is agreed as the maximum limit of responsibility of the lessor, who will be totally released from it if at least one week before the date scheduled for the start of the lease prior to the lessee of the impossibility of making the leased vessel available or another similar.

When the boat is made available, the lessor and the lessee carry out a joint check on the correct functioning of the technical and mechanical elements, as well as the good condition of the equipment, gear and supplies. The tenant will sign his agreement in this regard. Once the boat is made available to the lessee, the latter will not be entitled to any type of compensation, nor to a partial refund of the price, even if due to a breakdown or fortuitous event they cannot carry out the planned crossing, whatever the moment in which this circumstance occurs.


The leased boat has the following insurance:

Beyond the coverage provided for in the previous insurance, the lessee will be personally and directly responsible for any responsibilities of any kind, (including economic) that may occur due to the cause, consequence or reason for the use of the leased vessel while it is in its power, that is, from the time it is made available until the end of the lease, or, where appropriate, until its effective return to the lessor.

In any case, the responsibilities of any kind that the lessee may incur will be covered, in the first place, with the deposit deposited, preferentially to insurance coverage, which will only be applicable when the deposit deposited is not enough to cover the full responsibility of the renter. Consequently, having detected any liability for which the lessee must respond, the lessor is empowered to retain the deposit deposited in the amount necessary to meet the aforementioned responsibilities.


The skipper authorized to govern the boat is responsible, at all times, for what happens during the time the rental is valid. You must respect all navigation regulations, as well as those referring to the Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park.

8.1. Never exceed the signaling buoys for bathers or entrance to the waterway, any incident or fine for failing to comply with this point will always be the responsibility of the user.

8.2. Con la entrega de la embarcación, el arrendador entregará junto con la llave, un documento en el que aparecerán señalizados todos los parajes naturales o especiales en los que estará prohibido fondear la embarcación, transitar, por lo que el arrendatario, en caso de incumplimiento de dicha normativa, se hace responsable de cuantas sanciones o apercibimientos recaigan sobre la embarcación en los días de arrendamiento.


Queda totalmente prohibido el subarriendo o la cesión de la embarcación arrendada.

El arrendatario se obliga a no transportar en la embarcación un número de personas superior a las plazas autorizadas.

El arrendatario se obliga a utilizar la embarcación con la diligencia de buen navegante, respetando las normas comunes de navegación, así como las establecidas o impartidas por la autoridad competente, respondiendo de cualquier incumplimiento de las mismas.

El arrendatario se obliga a permanecer o dirigirse a puerto caso de informe meteorológico que anuncie peligro. Asimismo se compromete a no dejar la embarcación, en ningún momento, sin la vigilancia adecuada a bordo.

Es obligación del arrrendatario cumplimentar y pagar los trámites y gastos de aduanas y puertos.

El arrendatario informará regularmente al arrendador de la situación de la embarcación.

Sin perjuicio de lo anterior, el arrendatario informará puntualmente al arrendador de cuantas incidencias se hayan producido en la travesía: especialmente las que puedan afectar a la seguridad y mantenimiento de la embarcación y los contactos que se puedan producir con el fondo.


1. Cancellation due to bad weather

In the event that the weather conditions are adverse and prevent the contracted departure from being held on one of our boats, we will act as follows:

1. We will look for an alternative date

The most logical option would be to try to find an alternative date.

The change of date or time does not imply any reduction in the rate or conditions of the contract unless the period of time of the reservation is reduced. In this case, the new rate corresponding to the new duration of the trip would be applied.

In no case can it be decided to shorten the departure on the fly, once it has started, meaning this in a reduction of the rate.

2. Return of the total of the advances delivered

En el caso de que las condiciones meteorológicas impidan la celebración de la reserva y no podamos encontrar fecha alternativa, se procederá a devolver el total de las cantidades entregadas por adelantado, descontando un 3% si el pago se ha efectuado a través de la plataforma web, en concepto de gastos de gestión. La devolución se realizará en el mismo método de pago de la reserva, a no ser que se informe de lo contrario.

3. What do we consider adverse weather conditions?

Adverse weather conditions are those that either prevent the ship from leaving the port or prevent the departure from being carried out with full guarantees of safety and comfort for our clients. Come on, what we want is for you to spend an unforgettable day on board, but unforgettable “because it is good”, not “because it is bad”.



From Enjoy Boat we will apply common sense above all. In no case will we force the departure to take place on a day when our clients are not going to enjoy our boats to the fullest, showing the greatest possible flexibility in terms of itineraries, schedules and boats.

2. Cancellation policy by the client

El arrendatario podrá cancelar la reserva en cualquier momento hasta 7 días previos al inicio de la misma, siendo así elegible para el reembolso del pago efectuado previamente, descontando un 3% del importe abonado mediante la plataforma web, en concepto de gastos de gestión. Para cancelar una reserva deberá llamar por teléfono al departamento de Gestión: +34 642 00 96 16.